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For people who love motorspots - Get involved!

About Our Crews

All Veterans are eligable to apply as volunteers, and will be selected through a set on-boarding process with sports and psychological medical overview from 

our Medical Advisory Team. Selected Participants will receive all training pertinent  to their roles they have requested.  

Mountain Road Racing is completely inclusive and all are invited to apply.

Event Officials

A very important role in all genres of competitive motorsport, and one that is suitable for the complete range of abilities of Veterans, even for our mates who may be wheelchair-bound at the time of the event. Moreover, it is suitable for our Veterans who all naturally bring their military experience in organization and management of teams. 


The Role of volunteer Officials is varied and need to be well organized, to run the Special Stage checkpoints. Other tasks may include running the communications network and safety regulation teams. As they become more experienced they may be appointed as Competitor Relations Officer (CRO).


One marvelous aspect is that as motorsport Officials are always required, and so therein lies the possibility for those who wish to specialize, to make it a semi-professional and professional vocation at the top and travel the world to officiate in international motorsport events.


Mountain Road Racing, through our affiliated and supporting Motor sporting clubs in a variety of capital cities and regions, will train those Veterans who wish to follow this activity path.

Crew Chief

Experienced motor mechanics are required to lead each of the small service crews for each event. One Crew Chief per event with each Crew Chief Veteran more than likely participating in at least two events over the 1st two seasons in that role.


We will onboard up to 8 Crew Chiefs with informal  onboard courses mostly centred in SE Qld throughout the season as required.

Service Crew

For each event a small volunteer crew of veterans will be vetted and selected.  Working under the guidance and leadership of the  Event Team Crew Chief. Mechanical knowledge is not absolutely  required, but the good attitude and ability to work together within  a team is mandatory.


Each 2 Day event will require 4 service crew, while 3 Day events require a crew of 5, and  4 to 6 Day events utilize up to 6 service crew. Around 50-60 Veterans will be selected and processed, each gaining experience in at least one Tarmac Rally during the 2023  season. 


The Navigator (Robert likes to refer to he or she as 'The Chief of the Car'), is responsible for the management, time and operations of themselves and the driver throughout each event. He or she calls the ‘pace notes’ to their driver to  enhance safe competition during each stage.


The position is not an easy one and not for everybody. Our Mountain Road Racing Team will select and train  up to 12 Navigators in an annual season. Some will get an event seat with  the first or second Team Car and the remainder will find  berths with other competitor teams to show their abilities.

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