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Alfa Romeos  +  Veterans  =  'Serious' fun!

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Car 'ALFA'

Our main event ‘platform’ in this, our 'set up' year, is our 2003 Alfa Romeo 147 GTA  3.2L  V6 which took the place of Robert’s  'Post Classic' category 1978 Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV in the ‘Early Modern’ category from 2009.  The 'red rocket' began it's competition life from a showroom 'demo' car to be secured and built by Hugh Harrison of Monza Motors in Melbourne VIC, to become a race track car competing well in the national 'Improved Production Car' series (in those 2004 days, the feeder series to the coming 'V8 Super Cars' series). 

After one season, and some Club track racing in Victoria, the GTA was secured by Robert from Hugh and developed it further to go from the Post-Classic category to the 'Dark Side' of Early modern category of Tarmac Rallying! The GTA competes in the ‘Early Modern’ category of the Tarmac Rally majors which covers various very fast competition cars manufactured between 1995 to 2007. 


After a number of years and several 'majors', in the 2013 season, Robert with some good navigators were able to take the car to 6th in the national Targa Australia Championship in the Early Modern category. 


Your  inspiring Mountain Road Racing Team motto?   .............  "IT'S ALWAYS TOO SOON TO QUIT!" 


The Crew

Robert Kilsby   ......   (more to follow!) 

Veteran Participant TBC for each Event (In our 1st Rally, the Snowy River Sprint, in 9-10 September of this year, it was Shane Gibbs who did a great job and enjoyed it immensely).


We are pleased to welcome our owner/driver of Car 2, Jorrit Laars Kooistra to the Team!  Jorrit (pronounced 'Horrit') from Karralee Qld, is preparing his identical Alfa Romeo 147 GTA 3.2 V6 for us to expand to a 2-car Team by the end of this set-up year 2023, and so be able to Double the number of Veterans  we can assist into Motorsport!  Jorrit's GTA livery design will be the same albeit in a beaut Red/Silver colour mix.

The Crew

Jorrit Laars Kooistra ........  (more to follow!)

Veteran Participants TBC for each Event entered.
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