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The Mountain Road Racing 'Veterans Into Motorsport' Program.


Our objective is to build and operate a sustained motorsport competition program for the participation of Veterans for two calendar year seasons and create a legacy beyond, initially with a one car team, then increasing to a two car team from early 2024 on. The Team will enter from 4 - 6 national-level Tarmac Rallies each season enabling at least 48 - 72 individual Veterans excellent participation experience in the 1st 2024 season, and with further development of funding through 2025,  with thus potentially more rallies, the experience expands to a further, at least 96 individual Veteran participants.

Small team group environment teamwork

Community engagement

Active hands on learning environment

Professional Mentoring from within the Veteran Community

Professional Skills & employment pathways

Pro-social mission accessible & Inclusive

About Us

Mountain Road Racing is a Tarmac Rally Motorsport Team created for and dedicated to assisting our Australian Military Veterans into the uplifting Pursuit-of-Excellence environment of Tarmac Rally competition, at the Australian national level. 

Originally formatted in 2006 by Robert Kilsby, an Australian Special Air Service (SAS) Vietnam War Veteran.  In 2003 Robert found that Tarmac Rally competition was to become his key physical and psychological recovery factor with many major Tarmac Rally competitions including 6 ‘Targa Tasmania’s over the following 15 plus years.  He has seen this proven pathway work, indeed, he says it reversed his 'downward spiral'.

Our Team aims to bring benefits to our recovering Veterans, many of whom are struggling further with transition to mainstream civilian family and vocational life, and often challenged by serious physical and mental issues.  In particular we are focused on our ‘younger Veterans’ across all 3 Services, men and women, abled and disabled, from the last, longest continual warfare phase beginning over 23 years ago. 

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