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Christian O'Neil

Team Manager

Christian O’Neill was born in Brisbane Queensland and completed high school in 1991 at The Southport School on the Gold Coast. Christian enlisted in 1992 and served ten years as an Airfield Defence Guard (ADG) in the RAAF, and then transferred to the RAN as a Clearance Diver (CD).

After ADG basic training, Christian served multiple roles in the ADG category, attaining the rank of Sergeant.

After transferring to the RAN Christian completed CD basic, intermediate and advanced training and was posted to Australian Clearance Diving Team four (AUSCDT4) in Perth WA.

Christian has served on varying Naval platforms and in many and varied roles. Christian has deployed on combat operations throughout the Middle East as an EOD team leader and mentor.

Christian lives with his wife on the Gold Coast and has three daughters 16,17 and 25. He is an avid scuba diver, surfer and outdoorsman.


Christian O'Neil
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