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2024 Mount Baw Baw Sprint

The Mt. Baw Baw Sprint, a prestigious round of our highly anticipated Australian Tarmac Rally Championship, promises some fantastic features that no other events can currently match.

2024 Mount Baw Baw Sprint

In the summer months, picturesque Mt Baw Baw, located in the stunning Victorian High Country, really demonstrates the spectacular beauty Mother Nature has to offer, from towering snow gum forests to vibrant fields of wildflowers.

​Picture the scene…a gorgeous, babbling brook, twittering birds and buzzing bees, and once a year...the song of on-point racing engines scaling the twists and turns of an unforgiving bitumen path, as they rise to conquer the mountain.

The infamous Baw Baw Sprint sees vehicles and crews from all over Australia ascend to the peak (literally) of rally challenges, with the event offering everything from stages encompassing winding forest roads to short, sharp straights that prove to be blisteringly fast.

Scenery passes in the blink of an eye, and refreshment stops provide a well-earned chance to catch your breath, regroup and brace yourself to tackle the next instalment.

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